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The Make Trucking Great Again Association (MTGAA) has several chapters throughout the United States. Please, see our list below.

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If your area is missing and you would like to join our American trucking initiative, please contact us, and the MTGAA will be happy to consider your proposal.

  • Vancouver, Washington – Headquarters
  • Washington, DC
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • Florida

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MTGAA offers in the insurance industry
Our unique partnerships with various insurance companies allow us to create a list of flexible discounts. Here is the loyalty program from MTGAA, which we are justifiably proud of.
American Service Stations and their Happy Hours for truckers
Among the repairers, our association has many friends. Therefore, MTGAA has the opportunity to receive unique discounts.
Loyalty Program that allows satisfying the truckers
Gasoline prices always and everywhere excite all car owners. That is why we knew our offer would not leave any of the truckers indifferent.
Other benefits that allow understanding the advantage of membership in the MTGAA
Today, our MTGAA is primarily a business platform. Now professional organizations act as not only intermediaries between workers and the government.
MTGAA Membership for American truckers is waiting for you!

We will gladly accept in the MTGAA trucking association any person living in the USA who is directly related to the trucking industry.

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