Final Rule to Optimize Process for Aspiring CMV Drivers

On December 17, the FMCSA announced a new rule that will simplify the trucking employment procedure for male and female candidates who desire to become CMV drivers. The Administration said that the innovation would consent states to give the third-party skill-testing examiner permission to carry out a CDL skill obtaining test for those trained by him.

The US Transportation Secretary Elaine L. Chao said that truckers have done a lot for the American healthcare sector during the Coronavirus. The Agency now aims to ease the employment procedure and remove needless obstacles for those who are looking to join the trucking field as CMV drivers.

Previously, under federal regulations, a third-party CDL skill examiner prohibited instruction and testing for the same CDL candidate. The final regulation removes this restriction. The state governments can now authorize third-party instructors to teach and test the same applicant. This will decrease the delays in receiving CDL. Besides that, it will reduce expenditures and eliminate disadvantages without risking road safety.

Wiley Deck, Deputy Administrator of the FMCSA, noticed that Elaine L. Chao continues to look for ways to help those wishing to become a part of the trucking sphere. And the latest rule greatly simplifies this process, gives more flexibility during today's Pandemic, and allows more candidates to become CMV drivers.

The Administration has previously worked to reduce regulating hurdles for potential CMV drivers. The regulation, developed in March 2019, was about streamlining the transition from B to A-class (CDL). The mentioned measure saves $ 18 million for qualified trainee drivers and automobile carriers.

The rule takes effect 60 days after entering the Federal Register.

By Denis Kirston
30 / 12 / 2020
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