FMCSA: First Comments from Truckers on Broker Transparency Considered

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is currently reviewing truckers' comments on broker transparency petitions. According to the latest reports, commentators are not careful in their expressions and are quite determined about it.

Earlier, this issue became the most discussed topic during the #MayDay2020 trucker movement. The group of truckers spent a month on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C., to draw attention to a problematic brokers' issue.

The protest did not go unnoticed. The drivers had the opportunity to communicate directly with the Acting Administrator of the FMCSA Jim Mullen (now, former) and Mark Meadows, the White House Chief of Staff.

The petition asks the agency to prohibit brokers from including terms in their contracts under which the driver must waive the right to view the transaction record. Also, truckers require brokers to copy the transaction record within 48 hours of completing the contracted service.

So far, about 860 comments have been received from different drivers, but they all have the same message.

Here are some of them:

"I am an owner-operator operating in California. I wanted to comment regarding broker transparency as of right now brokers taking more than they supposed too and paying less to truckers. There should be a way that the brokers should mention the price of load from shipper and percentage they are taking from the load. There should be some sort of form or template authorised by FMCSA which can be filled so the brokers or truckers cant edit the price" said Manpreet Singh.

"The brokers should show transparency by showing how much they get payed by the shippers. Also, the brokers should pay detention after two hours waiting at the shippers or receivers. They should also be penalized for paying late," noted Kirpa Bains.

By Denis Kirston
20 / 10 / 2020
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