FMCSA receives public comments on a 14-hour driving window "break"

FMCSA receives public comments on a pilot program that could lead to changes in Hours of Service (HOS) regulations from August 28. Comments need to be submitted before November 2, 2020.

The FMCSA  pilot program will allow to take off-duty break, lasting from 30 minutes to three uninterrupted hours, that would be excluded from the 14-hour driving window if the driver does not work for 10 uninterrupted hours at the end of the work shift. 

Administration noted that one "pause" of up to three hours would provide much more convenience and flexibility than the applicable regulations. Such a break would let drivers to extend the rest time and even avoid traffic jams.

In its appeal, FMCSA announced that it has proposed that this break be included in the HOS changes that will take effect on September 29. FMCSA wants feedback from drivers about the convenience and safety of a pilot outage program. 

Drivers of the small, medium, and large carriers and independent owner-operators will join the research group.  FMCSA plans its sample of 200 to 400 drivers for up to three years, while individual drivers' participation may be limited from six months to one year. 

The pilot program's discussion period is limited to 60 days, after which comments will be considered.

By Denis Kirston
07 / 09 / 2020
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