FMCSA Road Safety Summit: U.S. regulators applauded truck drivers

The FMCSA 2020 Road Safety Summit was held on Wednesday, August 5.

During the summit, Nicole Nason, administrator of Federal Highway Administration and James Owens, acting administrator of the National Highway Safety Administration Acting Administration, applauded the trucking industry's effort during Covid-19.

Nicole Nason said: "The American trucking industry is carrying more goods on U.S. roads than ever before." Also, she acknowledged the challenges that carriers are facing, such as the lack of parking. 

FHWA will continue to support projects that increase the availability of truck parking spaces "as the economy improves," Nason said. It is currently encouraging states to introduce automated permit systems to issue "emergency permits to help expedite oversized or overweight vehicles needed in emergencies."

Nason added that FHWA is doing everything to help truckers. Administration encourages states to keep recreational areas open. This action allows commercial food trucks to operate in interstate recreational areas, will remain at the time of the validation of national emergency declaration.

Before, The Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Elaine Chao, thanked truck drivers and said that truckers are playing a heroic role in helping America. Check the MTGAA article to know more.

By Denis Kirston
11 / 08 / 2020
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