How to reduce the level of violence against truckers?

The level of violence against truck drivers increases. Truckers report that they become victims of violent crimes on the road, including rape, assault, and robbery.

Only for the last week, truck drivers were shot on a highway in three states, and a truck driver was shot to death in his truck in Illinois.

In July, the FMCSA recognized the situation on the road and reminded that drivers could use the Emergency Exemption when needed.

"After seeing incidents of threats against truckers, FMCSA wants drivers to know that they may use the emergency conditions exception in § 395.1(b) to complete a trip without violating the hours-of-service regulations if the trip was delayed due to a civil disturbance causing a driver to reasonably fear for their physical safety. Any driver who experiences crime or violence should immediately call the police." – FMCSA posted on Facebook.

There are other ways to protect truck drivers. Lack of parking is a big problem for truckers in the U.S.  Now, many of them have to park on the side of the highway. Just this year, two truck drivers were killed while parking along the road.

It is necessary to establish more illuminated parking to protect drivers.

Moreover, towns can control road protests that close interstate trade, placing both drivers and protesters at risk.

By Denis Kirston
27 / 07 / 2020
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