Make Trucking Great Again Association supported petitions to the FMCSA concerning 49 C.F.R. 371.3.

"CJ" Sergey Karman, the founder of MTGAA, Ezlogz CEO and entrepreneur, gave an official comment in connection with the petitions for rulemaking before the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration relating to 49 C.F.R. 371.3.

Petitions were presented to the FMCSA by the Owner-Operator Independent Truckers Association (OOIDA) and the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (SBTC). 

As far as MTGAA is a non-profit organization established during #MayDay2020 truckers protest, and dedicated to protecting truck drivers' rights, we can not stand idly by. Regulation 371.3 states that each party, including truck drivers, and not just brokers and shippers, has the right to view transaction records maintained by brokers. Thus, transparency between the parties is guaranteed.

However, brokers have ignored the provisions of 371.3 and used their market influence to get more income. At the same time, drivers who tried to achieve transparency are blacklisted and punished. It needs to be stopped.

Therefore, MTGAA supported OOIDA and SBTC in petitions. Truck drivers must be aware of the details of the transactions they are involved in. After all, if only shippers and brokers know all the transactions' conditions, there is a possibility of gouging. And this is exactly what is happening now, and MTGAA understands that the Department of Justice is currently investigating violations of antitrust laws by brokers trying to protect the system they have created. At the same time, the free market suffers from this, and truckers take the brunt. 

MTGAA asks the FMCSA to protect America's hard-working truckers, namely:

  • Eliminate requirements 371.3 and provide all necessary information about the transaction to the potential driver before the load is booked. Sergey Cj Karman believes that 371.3 reads this way, but it needs to be clarified.
  • Prohibit "double brokering", in which loads from one broker are transferred to another before they reach the driver.

We also recall that brokers' overpricing was one of the reasons for the MayDay 2020 protest, in which more than 100 truckers took part. The leaders of the movement Rick Santiago, "CJ" Sergey Karman, and Mike Landis made significant changes in the trucking industry. 

During the MayDay protest, the White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows hosted the meeting with "CJ" Sergey Karman, Mike Landis, and Acting FMCSA Administrator Jim Mullen (now, former).

By Denis Kirston
30 / 10 / 2020
Stop cheap freight by enforcing transparency (371.3)