PSP: How to Improve Fleet Safety When Hiring New Drivers

When hiring new employees, motor carriers are guided by minimum driver requirements. However, there is a special program developed by the FMCSA that can provide significant assistance in finding the best candidates. 

What is PSP

PSP, or Pre-employment Screening Program, helps carriers to get more information about their potential workers. It provides access to the FMCSA electronic base where data on the last five-year crashes and three-year inspection history is kept. Such records are available for truckers, motor carriers, shopping companies, and all those who conduct pre-employment checks for the cargo transportation industry. Requested data can be seen for 24 hours.

Also, speaking about drivers in particular, due to PSP, they can get information about their personal driving records at any time. By contrast, motor carriers and shipping companies can request data only for preliminary checks and with the candidate's written consent. They cannot see PSP reports on current employees.

Why you need PSP

The program was designed as a complementary measure to improve road safety in response to a congressional mandate to create a system that could provide safety information for commercial drivers.

According to the latest information from the FMCSA study, companies that use PSP to screen potential candidates have an 8% lower accident rate. The number of cases that ended in out-of-service orders is 17% lower than those employers who do not use this system. So, PSP improves road safety and reduces losses in road accidents, violations, and fines. That is, using this program, motor carriers can significantly enhance the safety of their vehicle fleet.

What do those who have already experienced the PSP's benefits before hiring new drivers say? Firstly, this program has an excellent technical support team that will answer all your questions. Representatives help setting up the program correctly and, if necessary, explain how to use it.

Secondly, the PSP is not required when hiring an employee, but it can be a handy addition. You can significantly protect yourself for a small fee. With the help of the program, you can find out about the professionalism of a potential candidate. PSP provides data on violations committed by the driver and all checks and inspections passed. The program also shows the event's location and date, additional information about the accident, such as injuries, fatalities, and towing. You can see whether the vehicle has been taken out of service.

How to start using PSP

To start using the program, you need to register. It can be done online using the registration wizard. You can also download a paper company registration agreement. After the support service processes the application, an email will be sent with credentials and instructions on using your PSP account. The entire process can take approximately one week.

By Denis Kirston
11 / 11 / 2020
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