Public Listening Session: FMCSA Announces Broker Transparency Hearing

In October, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will hold a public hearing on two new proposals calling for stricter rules for freight brokers. The issue of transparency of their activities is acute today. 

During the #MayDay2020 truckers protest, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows hosted the meeting with trucking protest representatives – "CJ" Sergey Karman, the founder of MTGAA and Ezlogz CEO and entrepreneur, and Mike Landis, representative of the United States Transportation Alliance (USTA) and Acting FMCSA Administrator Jim Mullen. 

At the meeting, Mark Meadows reprimanded Acting FMCSA Administrator Jim Mullen for the agency's failure to ensure timely implementation of this provision. 

Since Wiley Deck took the leadership office on August 31, the broker's transparency has become one of the priority tasks that Mr. Deck was entrusted with solving.

The first step towards resolving the problem was a request for comments on the petition, which asks the FMCSA to solve the problem. Comments on the petition are accepted until October 19.

It is noteworthy that since taking office,  Wiley Deck has actively taken up solving urgent problems and, even in an epidemic, is rapidly moving forward. 

The main FMCSA goal is to increase the opportunity of flexibility for drivers. One way to achieve this is through a new regulation from the FMCSA that allows drivers to stop their clock for at least 30 minutes and up to three hours. The driver would be required to take 10 consecutive hours off-duty at the end of the shift. 

Besides, FMCSA is working on a pilot program that allows drivers under 2 to work in interstate commerce. Wiley Deck said that before any decision is made, the agency is just collecting data and notes that they do not insist on moving toward 18- to 20-year-old drivers.

By Denis Kirston
05 / 10 / 2020
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