Wiley Deck wil cooperate with #MayDay2020 leaders to resolve the brokers' transparency issue

Wiley Deck, the acting FMCSA Administrator, will cooperate with protest leaders "CJ" Sergey Karman and Rick Santiago to investigate brokers' overpricing issues. Before, the Department of Justice started the investigation against such companies as TQL, CH Robinson, and JB Hunt.

Since his inception in the current position, Wiley Deck has been actively involved in issues that worried truckers and forced them to participate in protests. In particular, brokers' transparency became one of the first tasks that he was entrusted with solving. In turn, Wiley Deck decided to speak directly with the drivers. Thus, to get as many opinions as possible on this matter, the FMCSA announced that it would hold a public hearing.

As a reminder, brokers' problem of overpricing was one of the main reasons for the participation of more than 100 truckers in Washington, DC, in the MayDay trucker protest. At that time, the movement's leaders - Rick Santiago, "CJ" Sergey Karman, and Mike Landis, initiated significant changes in the trucking industry and even achieved a meeting in the White House. There was an opportunity to discuss ways to resolve the issue, including the possibility of an investigation because many truckers are sure that brokers colluded to keep rates low. The issue was also discussed later within the October meeting framework, where truckers could talk to Wiley Deck. As part of the meeting, truckers have estimated a number of changes that took effect on September 29 and discussed the next steps the agency can take to improve the trucking industry.

Thus, the participation of Wiley Deck, together with the leaders of the protest in the investigation, is the next step towards resolving brokers' transparency. It is worth noting that the agency began to work relatively quickly and discuss existing problems directly with truckers. All this gives hope for improvements in the industry and a competent resolution of existing issues soon.

By Denis Kirston
15 / 10 / 2020
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