Trucking Rights

The Make Trucking Great Again Association (MTGAA), in the process of protecting trucker rights, participates in several important areas of its activity.

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A team of like-minded individuals created the Make Trucking Great Again Association (MTGAA) precisely to protect the rights of truckers and other people involved in the trucking industry throughout the United States.


We regularly and successfully defend the interests of the Make Trucking Great Again Association (MTGAA) members. In particular, in 2019 – 2021, our team conducted a successful campaign against the arbitrariness of freight brokers.

Our organization spotlights areas important for truckers and small businesses, as well as hours of service, hazardous conditions, FMCSA operation, parking, and safety.


A team of experienced professionals is constantly engaged in the process of professional development, organizing numerous webinars and training lessons for members of the Make Trucking Great Again Association (MTGAA) and their relatives.


MTGAA pays special attention to national, racial, gender, and age diversity. Many women, truck drivers from Slavic countries, and employees of
respectable age are in our ranks. Therefore, feel free to come to us, we will listen to everyone. We attach particular importance to the social and professional adaptation of representatives of national minorities who are just starting their trucker careers in the long-distance transportation industry.

Support of local authorities

Helping improve road safety measures is one of the Make Trucking Great Again Association’s communication activities with local governments across the country.

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