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Make Trucking Great Again Association (MTGAA) is a team of like-minded individuals that stand for equal rights for truckers throughout the US. For several years, we have advocated transparency in freight brokers’ activities when they work with independent owner-operators.

  • We promote leadership in the US trucking industry.
  • We fight against the violation of our rights by demanding transparency.
  • We support new truck drivers from minorities to adapt to the trucking sphere.
  • We lobby for fair rules of business on all levels.
  • We provide several different educational activities for the trucking industry.
MTGAA works with drivers, fleet owners, small carriers, and other transport industry representatives in communities. We help truck drivers to defend their rights in various fields of their activity. Our organization also supports new minority professionals adapting to the trucking sphere.
“CJ” Sergey Karman
Founder & President
Trucker rights

Our team persistently protects the interests of truckers, dispatchers, and fleet owners in the course of its work. This is especially true for minorities just starting their careers in the United States.

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